43% of people are unhappy or apprehensive about returning to work

With lockdown restrictions easing and workers preparing to return to work, are you ready? 
Download report - Beyond COVID-19: Returning to work.

Download report - Beyond COVID-19: Returning to work

The report shows employers 

18k+ responses from people across the UK, broken down by gender
34 pages of answers.

Get answers to the questions 

Access the answers you need

  • How do employees feel about returning to work?
  • What are their main concerns? 
  • ​What are their expectations around flexible working post-COVID-19
  • ​What health and safety measures are important to them?

Get your copy - Beyond COVID-19: Returning to work report now 

Be crystal clear on employee expectations
Know exactly what your employees are expecting from you when they return to work - from safety measures to flexible working

Save time by focussing on what matters

With the furlough scheme winding down, employers need to move quickly to adapt.

Understand your employees’ concerns

Stop guessing what your employees are concerned about and help alleviate their concerns before they return to work

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