47% of shoppers are nervous about returning to the 
High Street.

Want to get more shoppers back in store faster? Download Retail 2020: What shoppers want now.

Download report - Retail 2020: What shoppers want

The report shows what shoppers want 

20,000 answers from shoppers across the UK. Summarised across 11 UK regions.
81 pages of answers.

Get answers to the questions 

Access the answers you need

  • What can the stores do to entice more shoppers?
  • What are the barriers to offline shopping? 
  • ​What are the most important safety measures?
  • ​Which shops have been missed the most?
  • ​How do shoppers feel about queuing?

Download report - Retail 2020: What shoppers want

Helping people return to the High Street safely

Maybe* is proud to be part of the Government’s High Streets Task Force, delivering social media insights for over 3,300 towns and cities across the UK. 
Our Retail 2020: What shoppers want report states that while 90% of people plan to return to High Street shops, it may be more of a trickle than a stampede and it may not be yet.
The report finds that 47% of people are nervous about shopping again and of those surveyed 45% 
plan to shop less than they did pre-COVID-19. It also details the measures that shoppers expect to see retailers introduce in order for them to return through their doors.  This is the information you need. Now.

“Retailers and Placemakers need be aware of what is making consumers nervous so they know what are the key factors to improve their shopping experience and how to reassure shoppers that they will be safe.

This reports helps reveal the attitudes people have towards returning to the shops  but also, the pro-active action that can be taken to get more people back sooner.

 We believe that it is vital that Retailers and Placemakers know what shoppers expect and how their concerns are shifting. 

That's why Maybe* is  delivering this ongoing research, so everyone  knows what shoppers want in the 'new- normal' world we find ourselves in”

Polly Barnfield, OBE, CEO of Maybe*

Download the report now 

Be crystal clear on your next steps

Know exactly what you need to do to make people feel safe - what are the measures they want.
Save time by focussing on what matters

Learn what customers are concerned about and focus on what they want so they feel safe to shop.
Know what is on your shoppers' minds

Stop guessing what your customers are concerned about by having the facts and knowing where to focus your effort

“By knowing what my customers are concerned about 
I have been able to tailor my opening times appropriately”

Sophie Scarrott, Owner of Keith Scarrott Shoes
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